Hey thanks for stopping by! I’m Bertrand. I used to be a “digital strategist”. Well actually, if I have to think in terms of job titles, I guess I still see myself as one. Just in a totally different way. In the past, I was a strategy guy in digital agencies. Today, I’m someone who specializes in the myriad business problems uncovered by the digital economy. What I no longer think I am – though – is but a marketing & communication professional. Pretty messy, huh?

This is why I’m so tired of job titles. To me they look like stacks of boxes we use to create dull, controllable versions of ourselves that all fit together nicely. True, human beings are complex and unpredictable and sometimes scary. But isn’t that precisely what makes us interesting? Isn’t limiting ourselves to the pre-defined contents of a box the same as cutting ourselves from our potential? From possibilities? From life? No wonder the past few years have seen such an explosion of self-proclaimed, flashy, meaningless job titles.

Digital strategist was clearly one of them 🙂

Yet, believe it or not, there’s something I like even less that job titles. And it’s “resumes”. Or what I would call the perfect way to lie your way into a “job desk”, just to end up realizing, a little too late, that it doesn’t suit you at all. I prefer writing. It makes it so much easier to convey how I can help and – other side of the same coin – it makes it way harder to cheat. Which is clearly best for everyone involved. Especially now, at a turning point in my career and life, when I’m far more confident about who I am. And who I don’t want to be. Fitting your company culture is so important nowadays…

So I’ve been writing. Two years ago, my LinkedIn intro turned out to be a fan letter. And it came out way too long for the profile. So instead of dumbing it down to fit the boxes, I chose to create this blog 🙂 Today, I’m facing the exact same problem. Which is why you can now also meet the “Me in 2015” right here [and even compare the two!!]. In fact, I kinda like this blog. A couple more posts might find their way here too in a near future. We never know.

Anyway, if you already knew most of this, it probably means you’re coming straight from my profile. Or even better, that you’ve visited this blog before. So… thanks! And if you’ve just stumbled on this page, I hope the little stories you find here make sense anyway 😉

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